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Emiel Koomen
UI/UX Designer

I’m a designer from Enkhuizen in the Netherlands. Over the years I’ve worked at small companies and very large ones as well. For online and offline projects. Magazines, books, branding, websites, apps… I’ve done it all. I’m not afraid to share my opinion and defend it. Besides that I love to ride my bike, cook tasty diners, watch movies and tease my kids.


My vision

Communicating with each other makes us human. More than anything. Technology should facilitate this, and design should enhance it. And never stand in the way of our core desire to communicate. This makes users our biggest stakeholder. So make it user centric and be considerate. Don’t focus on what would be fun to develop, instead put yourself in your users' shoes if you want to to create an engaging experience.

I love scrum

Sharing the celebration of succes with a scrum team gives so much more satisfaction than doing it on your own.

Think first

Design is about finding and solving problems. Pretty pictures are only a small part of the design process.


Know what’s most important. Great design is more about knowing what to take away instead of what to add.

Make it loveable

Minimum Viable Products are a great place to start, but don’t forget to put in a little bit of sparkling.

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3.500 KM


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Part 7


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1 AND 3


Would you like to get in touch with me? Just send an e-mail to or call +31636058061.